Considered the most romantic dining room in San Francisco, Fleur de Lys has played host to the city's finest for over 45 years. Maurice Rouas, who took over ownership in 1970, was responsible for persuading the world renowned chef, Hubert Keller, with a partnership in the restaurant. In the summer of 1986, his persistence paid off as Chef Keller, who'd spent the last four years as Executive Chef at the highly acclaimed Sutter 500, left to accept Maurice's offer. Over the years, the duo has taken the nation by storm, setting the highest standards in fine dining, rivaled only by the top restaurant of France.

Tragedy struck Fleur de Lys in the fall of 2001, when a devastating fire left nothing but ashes and tears. Some speculated that the restaurant's run was over, that there was no possible way they could recover from such horrible misfortune. Following a 10 month renovation,, Fleur de Lys would show the world that their staying power remained "gold", reopening with more fan fare and praise than could have ever been anticipated in the summer of 2002. The remodel, headed by Designer and Project Manager Walid Mando and CO-owner Chantal Keller, proved to be more than just a face-lift. Designing an entirely reconfigured floor plan, the new interior was unveiled as more spacious and opulent than ever before.

2002 looks t be quite an exciting year for the restaurant. Its winning combination of outstanding cuisine and beguiling ambiance promises to keep Fleur de Lys at the forefront of San Francisco's fine dining establishments, for years to come.

Hubert Keller

A native Frenchman was trained by Paul Haeberlin, Paul Bocuse and Roger Verge before coming to San Francisco in 1982. He became Chef de Cuisine and Partner of Fleur de Lys with Maurice Rouas in 1986. As much as his award winning cuisine, his personality and always present touch to each guest’s experience is his true mark of success. For more on Chef Keller, see his biography.

Maurice Rouas

Maurice has owned Fleur de Lys since 1970. And after more than 3 decades at the door, he is a cornerstone of the Fleur de Lys experience. Whether you’ve been dining with us for years or are a first time guest, his warmth and expertise will enhance your evening. He is the consummate host, ensuring everyone’s comfort with his longstanding experience and knowledge.

Chantal Keller

Besides being Hubert’s self described “best critic and shared visionary”, Chantal fills many roles at Fleur de Lys. The most obvious is her recent redesign of the lush romantic interior of Fleur de Lys. From a document she purchased in France, she interpreted a design that was then hand printed on the 800 yards of fabric that is now the dining room’s famous garden tent. She is also responsible for all marketing, runs the office & orchestrates the on and off site events.