Great Kitchens

At Home with America's Top Chefs

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"if the kitchen is your favorite room, if cooking is your favorite pastime, or if eating well is your most unregrettable vise, let great kitchens take you to paradise. From the home kitchen of Hubert and Chantal Keller of Fleur de Lys to Chez Panisse's Alice Waters, each chef's kitchen is a unique jewel of culinary understanding and design. The 26 chefs in this book share the secrets that make a kitchen a great place to cook, to relax, and to enjoy the best of food and company.

The 300 color photographs in Great Kitchen map out an intimate tour of the home kitchens of America's top restaurant chefs. Inside you'll see a remarkable range of styles, each expressed in the cabinets, fixtures, appliances, counters, storage, and finishes of these mouthwatering kitchens. Look inside, meet the chefs, hear their stories, and learn the secrets of first-rate kitchen design--and be sure to check out the favorite home recipes from each of these 26 world-class chefs in the back of the book"

The Cuisine of Hubert Keller

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Hubert Keller presents a variety of imaginative recipes drawn from the restaurant's menus and his collection of personal favorites, all simplified for the home kitchen. Brief notes provide informal cooking lessons for each recipe and wine recommendations are included for all main courses. You'll find more than 150 ideas for multicourse degustations, with recipes for breads; salads; soups; appetizers; vegetarian entrees; fish; seafood; meat; poultry entrees and desserts. Among those included are:

Watercress, Bay Scallop and Potato Soup ~ Alsatian Onion Tart ~ Ratatouille and Pure Goat Milk Cheese Wrapped in Phyllo ~ Fillet of Sea Bass in a Golden Potato Crust with Rhubarb Coulis ~ Roasted Quail, Stuffed with Swiss Chard and Pine Nuts with a Red Wine-Thyme Reduction ~ Clafoutis with Black Cherries and Champagne Sabayon.

You'll find the magical touch of this masterful chef throughout The Cuisine of Hubert Keller - and you, too, will be enchanted.